Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dhoni and the unparalleled precedent

It's all over the papers, it's on all the news channels. Dhoni has opted out of the Sri Lanka tour citing reasons of fatigue. Had it been a less established player, the media would have been in a frenzy and slautered the player calling it lack of professionalism. Now, Dhoni has been the most played Indian cricketer of the last couple of years. He plays test matches, One Day Internationals and even T20 matches. His IPL team, Chennai also played the most matches in the inaugral IPL tournament.

If I were to make an estimate, I'd say that Dhoni would have probably played 150 days of cricket in the last 365. How I wish I could tell my boss that I have worked 150 days in a year, and now I'm struggling with fatigue. The cricketers all over the world are spolit brats that don't know how to earn a decent living with respect. If we all started complaining about fatigue after working just 150 days, where would the world go? Certainly Dhoni is the most played cricketer in the last two years, but that is no escuse for the lack of professionalism shown by him in asking for a break.

I still hold that the cricketers on tour are always on holiday. They always party and go to tourist destinations when in a foreign country, so whats the complaining about? Dear boss, if you are reading this, my 150 days are up...

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