Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh Well!

So much going on, but wheres the time?

No, I'm not cribbing, I'm just lamenting the fact that a day has just 24 hours! Isn't it possible to create time? I don't want to live longer, because frankly this world is just not worth it, but yes in my current state, I do wish for more time (mostly for my love and also for zzzzz)

So, coming to the point, today is Dodo's birthday. We celebrated last night with cake, thumbs Up, and lays chips (not quite the pizza hut celebration, but then this is Kharagpur. The nearest Pizza joint is about 3 hours away in Kolcutta). But anyways, let me not crib again!

Have been taking part in a lot of competitions and quizes, in the hope of adding more material to my resume, and somehow taking it into the 2 page mould. Our summers process has started and a few companies are showing interest in various streams. Its a tense time, as I'm embarking on something new. It's not like it was in engineering anymore. Now I have value to add to the company and I can afford to (and should do!) pick and choose the company I wish to sit for. In engineering, the attitude was, sit-for-whatever-company-comes!

Heres hoping for the best.