Friday, April 29, 2005

Champions League Semi Final - 1st Leg

The UEFA Champions League Semi Finals 1st leg was quite dry.

AC Milan put two past PSV, but PSV really played well in th 2nd half.
Chelsea dissappointed against Liverpool.

Hope the 2ns legs have more goals.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Update ver2.1

Its been a long long time since I wrote on my own blog ;)
Well, lots of things have happened in the interim. I dont think I'll be able to recall everything, but I will try. Let me enumerate the things that have occured in my life:

1. I finally made my trip to Aurangabad materialise. It was a long time coming. It was great to get out of Mumbai for the weekend, and the entire trip was a pleasure, except for the travelling! While there, I learned how to cook Bhindi and Daal, not that I will have an opportunity to test it out in the near future ;)

2. Chelsea beat (let me say thrashed) Bayern Munich. So the Semi-finals are ready to be played out. I must say that the semi-final draws are not as mouth watering as some matches of the previous rounds. So the line up is : Chelsea taking on Liverpool (which means that there will definitely be one English team in the finals!), and AC Milan taking on PSV Eindhoven. I will not make any predictions because I dont want to jinx my favourite team. Oh, what the heck. Chelsea and AC Milan will make the trip to Istanbul.

3. I recently met up with Ashutosh & Anurag. We had a great time. Actually Ganju and I were to meet up on Thursday night (21/Apr/2005). So we met at about 20:00, and went directly to Cafe Mondegar. We had some beer to drink and loads of chicken to eat. We skipped the main course and just had the starters. I think we tried all their Chicken starters and even a prawns starter! We also spoke to Pallavi, Abhishek, Swapnil & Rumit. We were just standing at India Gate and called up Anurag. As it turned out, the guy was watching a movie at Regal. So we called him out, chatted for a while at Barissta, drank some coffee. By the time we were ready to leave, I had already missed my last train! So we three went to Nariman Point and from there, went to Ganju's place to spend the night. We chatted and chatted and finally slept at 5am!
Then we woke up in the morning, because all three of us had to go to work. I went all the way home, and then to office, and these two guys called me back for some more partying! So I went back in the evening, and met them at Churchgate station! From there we went to INOX, and booked tickets for the midnight show of Hitch. Then we went and reserved a table for 10pm at "Not Just Jazz by the Bay". Then we had about 1 and a half hrs, with nothing to do, so we went to Choupatty beach!! After some timepass there, we went back to Not Just Jazz by the Bay.
For those who wish to stay for the band, there is an entry fee of Rs.200 per head. They then out a stamp on your arm, which will only be visible when seen under a blue light, which they have at their entrance. The ambience of the place was magnificant. I was in such a good mood that we ordered a bottle of white wine, and sipped it with all sorts of dishes (only non-veg!). After that great show, we went and saw Hitch which was a nice funny movie, but definitely not worth leaving the band in mi-performance! After the movie, we went back to bunk at Ganju's place.

4. Its good to see someone other than Michael Schumacher, and some team other than Ferrari win races.

More updates later...