Thursday, May 11, 2006

Star date 27th Oct 2005

Heres something I had written on 27th October 2005

Let me begin, once again with what has becmoe very trite on my blog, "So much is going on!". Where is all my time going? It's leading to quite a helpless sort of feeling when one is unable to quantify one's net worth per unit time (spoken like a true manager?), and me being a management student, I am feeling even worse as I am unable to manage my time efficiently!

A few thoughts about the World's favourite sport

I have a couple of thoughts about the latest developments in the soccer world.

1. Steve McLaren - I'm not too sure he's the right man for the job. His attitude is very defensive, and I'm not too sure he knows his players well enough. So I dont know what he'll manage to do with the English squad once he takes over.
Just to explain my point, last night at the UEFA Cup finals, I think the 1st XI put out by him was not at all right. The strikers (Hasselbiank and Viduka) were so lackluster, it was shameful. The team would have done much better with Yakubu's and Macaroni's pace up front.

2. The world cup - Its right around the corner, and for once I think I will be able to see as much as humanyly possible!

Now about the use of "more technology" in Cricket. I think its rubbish. Why have the umpire on the field then? The games will just get longer and longer and more boring!!