Thursday, June 05, 2008

Random thoughts

I had started this post writing about the messy traffic situation in Bangalore. As I typed out each line, I seemed to raise my own blood pressure. The keys on my keyboard were feeling the effects. Having written about two paragraphs, I gave up. There is just no solution to this mess they call traffic here. Even if the infrastructure is improved, the people here are just so mentally tuned to drive crazily that an improvement is not in sight.

So after a difficult two paragraphs, I selected all the text I had typed out and erased it. It was just not worth it. I was letting my blood boil, when clearly theres nothing that can be done to improve the situation in the next decade atleast. So why let it affect you? So I decided to chuck all that and write about happy things. Happy thoughts for happy people.

The weekend is almost here. The plan is to go to Innovative Film City, Bidadi tomorrow and maybe even try to go see the Sholay site at Ramanagaram.

In football news, there is a controversy brewing about the reason why England was not able to qualify for the Euro 2008. Sepp Blatter seems to feel that because there are so many foreigners in the English clubs, the budding English players don't really get a chance to play and improve. That certainly makes sense to me. Even in the IPL there is a restriction of 4 foreign players per team (and I think that should stay). If this kind of rule comes into effect in England, some budding English players should get a chance to perform.

The Euro 2008 starts tomorrow. I will put up predictions for each match on the day before and results of the matches after they happen. Lets see what kind of accuracy level I can achieve. As with every big tournament, many of the international players who perform well will suddenly find themselves in the transfer market. Big clubs will try to lure the best performers.

Switzerland 2 - 0 Czech Republic
Portugal 3 - 0 Turkey

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Blogger techfreak! said...

I dont't know about Bangalore so much..I had visited it once for my industrial visit..
But if Bangalore's traffic makes your blood boil..don't ever think of comming to Mumbai!!!

11:28 PM  
Blogger Anshu said...

Don't worry, I have spent 13 years of my life in Mumbai, 11 in Delhi and 3 in Bangalore and trust me when I say no city can beat Bangalore when it coms to traffic!
Enjoy driving in Mumbai :)

11:37 PM  

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