Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Nintendo Wii

We became proud owners of a brand new Nintendo Wii (a leader in the seventh generation of home consoles), when our friends in the U.S. decided to gift us one. What a fabulous gift it turned out to be.


The most distinguishing feature of the Nintendo Wii is the wireless remote which can double up as a tennis raquet, a baseball bat, a golf club, a bowling ball, a boxing glove, a billards cue, a fishing stick, a gun, and even a table tennis racquet (I could have gone on and on, but due to a paucity of time of the reader, I have kept the list short!)


Let me take a simple example of Golf. In the golf game, one uses the Wii remote as a golf club (one can change the club style, i.e., driver, iron, wedge, putter) and standing in the stance as if one was actually on the golf course, swing the wii remote to hit the ball down the fairway. Putting is more difficult, as one needs to control the power of the putting.


Thanks to the Wii, I can play my favourite sports, and in my favourite place, HOME! I can have my daily exercise without going to the gym. Just play the boxing game, and that is more than enough exercise for one day. The Wii also has a training center, in which one can take part in some training exercises to help in increasing accuracy, stamina and balance. There is also a "Wii fitness age" section in which the Wii will challenge you to some tasks and depending on the gamers capability to take up those challenges (one challenge is to hit as many home runs with just 10 throws of the ball) the Wii will calculate the gamers fitness age on three criteria, i.e., balance, speed and stamina. The fitness age would be between 20 and 80. I took my first fitness age test yesterday and got a rating of 31!!


The Wii will definitely bring about a revolution in gaming, making game playing more realistic and a wholistic experience.


I'm off to improve my Wii Fitness Age!



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Yay! Wii rocks. I'll be dropping in much more often now :)

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